Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gary War

Years and years ago, when i first started writing this blog, weirdo experimental psych rock artist Gary War came onto my radar and made a pretty lasting imprint.  But i haven't heard anything from him in years...but no more.  New album "Gaz Forth" is due in February on Feeding Tube.  Listen to "Windows and Walls" below.

Circuit des Yeux

I don't really know how to describe the music of Haley Fohr and her Circuit des Yeux project.  Experimental folk rock?  Yeah, i guess that will do.  Anyway, new album "Reaching for Indigo" is a fascinating listen.  Check out "Paper Bag" below and cop the record from Drag City.

Houses of Heaven

Here's some more music i missed the first time around when it was released back in May.  San Francisco band Houses of Heaven make a kind of blistery, propulsive, dub-tinged post punk, much more suited for these colder winter days than the springtime when it came out.  Listen to "Black Waves" below and get the "Remnant" EP here from the always dependable Felte Records before they're gone.

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day 14 - Let It Snow

Luscious Jackson were damn near inescapable for a brief moment in the late 90's, and capped with their version of "Let It Snow," a song i remember from a Gap commercial that later got ironed out into a full version for a Capitol Records Christmas CD.  Anyway, it's a punchy little piece of pop.  Listen below.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alvarius B

Ever since the demise of Sun City Girls, after drummer Charles Gocher's passing, surviving members Alan and Richard Bishop have continued to release music almost every year, the latter under the moniker of Sir Richard Bishop and the former as Alvarius B.  This year, Alvarius B released a massive album called "With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven," 35 tracks spread over 3 LPs.  Touching on psychedelia, folk, classic rock, Americana, and more, the collection finds the always prolific Bishop churning out the jams on a whole other level.  It's all definitely worth checking out.  Listen to his reinterpretation of Lee Hazlewood's "Dark in My Heart" below and get the album(s) here digitally or in LP form from Abduction Records.

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day 13 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

So, in a post-#MeToo world, this song is...let's say...problematic...because it's kind of rapey.  But man, it's a catchy winter tune, and there are a tone of excellent versions of it out there.  Listen to Ray Charles and Betty Carter perform it below.

Business of Dreams

Here's some excellent, hazy music form LA dreampop band Business of Dreams that came out way back in February of this year.  I'm not sure how i missed this release, as its cool and airy textures are right up my alley.  Listen to "Bottom Feeders" below and get the self-titled here via Parked In Hell.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I love, love, love when i order a record from a small indie label, and said label includes extra goodies along with my record...usually in the form of stickers and posters, but often with additional albums as well.  The good folks at Beyond Beyond Is Beyond sent along a copy of Michigan band Heaters' new album "Matterhorn" when i ordered Joel Gion's self-titled effort a couple of weeks ago, and it's a great little jangly, reverbed psych pop record.  Listen to album opener "Thanksgiving I" below and get the album here.

Cigarettes After Sex

We're hitting that time of the year when i start looking back and checking out all the good shit i somehow neglected to pay attention to earlier in the year.  I've got some year-end lists brewing, so making that last ditch effort to absorb anything and everything i might have missed the first time around.  And that brings us to Cigarettes After Sex, a dreamy, hazy pop outfit that would have fit right in playing the Roadhouse on the "Twin Peaks" revival.  Listen to "Apocalypse" below and cop the self-titled album here via Partisan Records.

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day 12 - The 12 Days of Christmas

John Denver and The Muppets' "A Christmas Together" is easily one of my all time favorite things from my childhood.  I just loved it, and still love it.  Listen to "The 12 Days of Christmas" below.