Saturday, October 21, 2017

King Krule

King Krule is one of those artists where if i'm not in the right frame of mind, i just can't do it.  I don't mean that as a slight, i'm just being honest with myself.  But, on the occasion when my head and heart align with the musician's sonic worldview, i'll admit it's hard to shake from my ears.  New album "The Ooz" feels like an amalgamation of a hundred different genres twisted and filtered through one weirdo's mind, kind of like old Beck, but maybe without the irony, and with even more of a drawl (this one British no less).  Anyway, watch the video for album track "Dum Surfer" below, and cop the record from XL.

October Horror Trailer - Dr. Giggles

Friday, October 20, 2017

Witches' Halloween Brew

In case you haven't noticed, Halloween is right around the corner, and as i've been cramming as many horror films into my head as possible and sneaking handfuls of candy acquired for the neighborhood kids, i've also been listening to the darkest, spookiest jams i can find.  Coincidentally enough, the good folks at Burning Witches Records just released a compilation of dark and spooky synth wave music from a whole slew of awesome artists.  "Witches' Halloween Brew" has tracks from Xander Harris, MAINE, Pye Corner Audio, Wojciech Golczewski, and more.  It's some perfect evening soundtrack music for the remainder of the month.  Unfortunately, the cassettes are long gone, but you can still download the album here.  Get to it and stream the whole thing below.

October Horror Trailer - Carrie

BADBADNOTGOOD with Samuel T. Herring

Ever since Toronto jazz outfit BADBADNOTGOOD offered up a brilliant and inspired remix of Future Islands' "Seasons (Waiting on You)," i've been all in any time the group partners up with Future Islands lead singer Samuel T. Herring.  Somehow they make magic.  Listen to the one off single "I Don't Know" below, a swooning soulful jam that makes me long for a full length collaborative album from these guys.

Cluster Buster

It's been a few years since we last heard from Cluster Buster, and as it turns out, October is the perfect time for some new horror score indebted synth slayers.  Listen to "Threshold Into Terror" below and grab the new "Midnight Maimer" album from Future 80's Records.  Just in time for Halloween.


Looks like we've got some sleek new synth-fueled darkwave jams from Spain's Nightcrawler.  New album "Beware of the Humans" is a mix of horror score and icy 80's synth pop, equal parts creeping and dancing.  Listen to the title track below, featuring Celine and Vincenzo Salvia and get the album here.


Here's some mind crushing, noisy, spaced-out psych rock from Connecticut's Headroom.  "How to Grow Evil Flowers" crawls and oozes, reverb drenched notes echoing for eternity into fuzzy synths and cosmic oblivion.  Listen below and get the band's "Head in the Clouds" LP digitally here, or physically from Trouble In Mind.

Fever Ray - To the Moon and Back

Now, here's our first new music from Fever Ray in 8 years, an icy and catchy synth pop song with some pretty X-rated lyrics, and a creeeeepy video to accompany it.  Watch a reanimated corpse make its way to a sexual fetish filled tea party in "To the Moon and Back" below.  And maybe be on the lookout for a new record?